Brian Jones
By Brian Jones on November 19, 2021

Teamwork makes the Dream work

Teamwork kakes the Dream work comes down to three fundamental characteristics: ensuring customer success, partnership, and the willingness to persevere through any challenges we face.

Customer Success

I asked the question, “What does Teamwork makes the Dream work mean?” to Tyler Williams, our senior PM, and was delighted by his response. The motto we stand behind - teamwork makes the dream work - doesn’t apply only internally. At IES we are focused on “Create with us” and desire to have you as a part of the IES team. For example, I personally have been doing a lot of R&D work with one of our clients. Working as a team with the extraction techs there, we’re looking to gather data to help other clients in the same market. This is happening while also trying to help them improve efficiency. With both teams working together, we’re able to enhance our processes and make improvements to our technology that benefit all our clients. Building long term relationships is our biggest goal!”

The next two steps in making the dream work come from my personal experience with the company.



One of my favorite commissioning experiences recently took place on a small island off the east coast. The director of extraction there is a phenomenal guy named Tom. We got to work on installing the equipment, which he had a significant amount already completed by the time I arrived. After a day of ensuring the equipment was ready to run, we started pulling oil. The look on Tom’s face as that first harvest took place was priceless! Since our time together we have stayed in touch, sharing ideas on parameters, service needs, and photos of beautiful oil coming out of our machine. Not to mention we still share photos of our dogs as well - just as beautiful as the oil!



Located in a small town in western New York, one of our most challenging projects is presently unfolding. Our client and partner wanted to significantly redesign the installation and building of where our equipment was to be placed. This introduced several new opportunities and previously unseen challenges to our teams. The solution included working closely together to install the critical auxiliary components about 100’ from our extractor, requiring significant work on the design, implementation, and operational side.


We all took each challenge in stride and put together a top notch cGMP facility that is currently unparalleled in the industry. The project management, engineering, and service teams leapt into action, together not only solving the problem but also arriving at a unique solution fitting the customer’s specific needs. In just a few short weeks, I am happy to report that facility is now pumping out product, with one of the first runs yielding a 12% yield!

Whether it’s working long hours commissioning a unit to bring our customers online, optimizing a process or playing some hacky sack in the parking lot, this team rocks because of the IES family partnering with great customers, together creating something amazing.

Published by Brian Jones November 19, 2021
Brian Jones