Alexander Hill
By Alexander Hill
on December 06, 2021
When a client in the purchasing process has indicated they want a cGMP compliant unit, the first step is to determine the User Requirement Specifications (URS) and ensure the pressure range, ...
By Rob Kevwitch
on November 24, 2021
What is supercritical CO2 or any supercritical fluid for that matter? To understand that we should first cover the basics. Thinking about CO2 we can easily understand all the common forms of matter. ...
Brian Jones
By Brian Jones
on November 19, 2021
Teamwork kakes the Dream work comes down to three fundamental characteristics: ensuring customer success, partnership, and the willingness to persevere through any challenges we face.
Lorenzo Agnes
By Lorenzo Agnes
on October 21, 2021
It took a lot of hard work but our next generation CO2 extractor has arrived. These advancements were conceived through collaboration and feedback with our valued partners and customers.   Our goal ...
Alexander Hill
By Alexander Hill
on August 25, 2021
The global pandemic that engulfed our nation and the world disrupted the economy in ways we’ve never seen before. This was especially true for the capital equipment market. While many of our ...