Alexander Hill
By Alexander Hill on August 25, 2021

Our Technology is Tougher

The global pandemic that engulfed our nation and the world disrupted the economy in ways we’ve never seen before. This was especially true for the capital equipment market. While many of our competitors pulled back, entered into a holding pattern, or even shuttered their doors, IES went all in and stayed true to our motto of innovation through constant reinvention. 

We’ve been busy transforming our testing facility into what we call a “twin facility”. We always strive to anticipate any issue that could possibly arise from non-stop use of our systems, and by expanding our testing environment and procedures to capture exactly what our clients put our systems through, we have been able to make small improvements to our technology to increase the already impressive longevity of our system.

With the twin facility in place, and the unusual luxury of extended timelines due to COVID-caused delays for our clients, we also introduced a more robust testing protocol. Typically, we mirror what our clients do with our system: parameters, run times, production schedule, etc. We have now expanded our testing to cover the most extreme circumstances that, to our knowledge, our customers have’nt even come close to. We’ve pushed the boundaries of the highs and lows of every aspect of our system to ensure that our extractor performs to our high standards regardless of the circumstances. 

As the pandemic’s effect on the market became more clear, we made a commitment to make our technology tougher. We knew that when our customers emerged from this, they would need a bulletproof machine that can reliably help them make up for the time lost to COVID.

Our work doesn’t end here. We will always continue to be innovative leaders in our industry. Working hand-in-hand with our customers, we can continue to provide best-in-industry equipment, with unmatched customer service and revolutionary education and training. It isn’t only our technology that’s tougher. IES is tougher. And that means that every one of our customers is tougher too. 

Published by Alexander Hill August 25, 2021
Alexander Hill