Adam Knight
By Adam Knight on October 01, 2021

Grow With You

We want to grow with you. Businesses come in many shapes and sizes. They have different goals and methodologies. Some are well funded, some are not. Regardless of the make or model of your business, we are all looking for ways to improve. IES wants to help. If you are just starting out, refining a process to optimize your operation, scaling to meet demand, or expanding into new markets, we want to ensure we have the right equipment to support your business.

We are entrepreneurs, manufacturers, investors, scientists, inventors, and partners. Our goal, what we strive to do, is to be able to support our partners and customers on every step of their journey. How do we accomplish this?

Support, technology, and reinvention.

We support all generations of our equipment. Our first-generation units are still being utilized today even though we continue to improve design, functionality, and technology.

Regardless of budget, capacity, throughput requirements, end product goals, and certification requirements, our company has the expertise, product catalog, technology, and support to add value to your business.  In addition to our latest gen units, we have implemented several new programs to help meet our customer’s needs.

First is our Financing program. Cash is king when starting out or growing your business and financing equipment can be a great option to keep some of that cash in reserve. We offer several financing programs to fit a wide range of applicants.

Second is our Certified Pre-Owned units. These units have been fully refurbished to operate and look like new and are a great option for many companies that may not need the latest and greatest technology. A warranty is also included with these units.

Third is our Trade-In Program which is uniquely designed to not only allow IES equipment trade-in’s but also any other piece of extraction equipment regardless of manufacturer for credit towards a new IES equipment purchase.

Whether you want to optimize your operation, expand into new markets, or are just starting out, it would be a privilege to  grow with you.

Published by Adam Knight October 1, 2021
Adam Knight